Althaia Orini Nafpaktia 3 *

Вид транспорт
Нафпактия, Гърция
2 дни / 1 нощувка

Местоположение: Ano Chora , Orini Nafpaktia Ano Chora Нафпактия

Guesthouse "Athaia"

Ano Chora known today as a truly unique vacation destination, because it combines in the most ideal way the natural beauty, the picturesque and the tranquility that only a mountainous village of mainland Greece can offer. Nature has provided for a plurality of colors and scents that alternate all year round, generously giving a sense of serenity and tranquility, feelings capable of enchanting even the most demanding traveler.

In Greek mythology, "Althaia" was the wife of the king of Kalydon, Oineus. "Althea" was the daughter of King Thetis and Eurimides. "Althea" acquired with Oinea, Toxaea, Thyrea, Klymen, Meleagros and Meleagrides Gorgis and Dimianeira. During the later legend, when Meleagros was a seven-day infant, the Moires appeared in "Althaia" to tell her future. The first Moira, Cloth, told her that her son had a brave soul, the second, Lachesis, that she would be prolific, while the third, Atropos after seeing a torch, said her son would die when the wood of the torch would completely burn. Later, when Meleagros grew up, he took part in the hunting of Kalydon. 


1. Atalanti's trail (ANO HORA - CRYONERIA, 4 hours and 15 minutes of walking)

2. Oinea's trail (ANO HORA - KATO HORA route, 1 hour and 45 minutes)

3. Iraklis' trail (ANO HORA - AMPELAKIOTISSA route, 3 hours of walking)

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Hotel Services:
  • Babycoat
  • Bar
  • Fireplace
  • Kid's area
  • Laundry-Iron Service
  • Private Parking
  • Wi-Fi Internet Access

GPS Координати:
LAT: 38.591915130615
LON: 21.925262451172