Aggelos Studios 2 *

Вид транспорт
Скопелос, Гърция
2 дни / 1 нощувка

Местоположение: Stafylos Skopelos, Skopelos Skopelos Скопелос

Aggelos studios & Apts on Skopelos is situated in the country side area, and more specifically on the Stafylos main road. One-room studio has capacity for 2 people. Simple studios are single spaced rooms with double or twin beds and a small kitchen in the same space and a full bath. They feature a private balcony overlooking pool or towards the yard with beautiful roses, grass and fruit trees where you can find peace and relaxation and walk the landscaped paths. Apartments (Maisonettes) are for 2 and for 2 to 4 persons (families with children). The apartments have two-levels spaced rooms, with the kitchen and the two twin beds and the sofa that can sleep two children and the bathroom in the lower floor.The main bedroom, built in a traditional king size bed, is to be found on the second floor. There is an interior wooden staircase leading to the upper level of the apartment.

Хотелски услуги:
  • Pool

GPS Координати:
LAT: 39.106661705023974
LON: 23.732329097684435